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Terms of Service

8 July 2021
These Terms regulate the way you (hereinafter: the user) use the services located at our domains:,, and (hereinafter: the service), which are developed and supported by their owner (hereinafter: we).

1. Our Services

1.1. The goal of our services is bringing the users a possibility to find each other for the common activities, such as travels, walks, car rides, dance, co-hosting and others.

1.2. Our main services are free of charge. Paid services give you additional features to find companions faster. If the paid service was not provided due to the technical problems, then the service is to be provided after the problems are solved. In the event of a problem, we do our best to solve it as soon as possible, however, we are not responsible for the delay. If we cannot provide the paid service, then the payment is to be refunded to the user’s payment card.

1.2.1. Boost is a paid service that allows you to increase the number of responses to your ad.

1.2.2. Mahnem PLUS is a paid service that allows you
  • to remove the limit of 10 new contacts per day, which is set for free accounts
  • to view messages from new contacts received within a month, provided that they have not been deleted by one of the interlocutors. In accounts without Mahnem Plus activated, such messages expire after 3 days, if left unanswered
  • to hide your age and time of visiting the site from other users
  • to use the site without ads
1.2.3. The use of paid services does not disable spam filters, which can limit the functionality of your account when suspicious activity is detected.

1.3. We are doing our best in order to provide the high quality service, however we cannot guarantee its uninterrupted and correct functioning.

2. Personal Data

2.1. We use cookies for improving the quality of our service only. For example, we use cookies for counting statistics of attendance.

2.2. In order to access all features of the service the user needs to create an account. The user is solely responsible for all activity that occurs under their account.

2.3. The user can set up the visibility of their data in the Settings section. We are not responsible for any information which the user has published at the service. We are not responsible for indexing this information by search engines nor for using this information by third parties.

2.4. When a user deletes the correspondence with another user, this correspondence is deleted from the both accounts. When the user deletes the account, the correspondence with him is deleted from the accounts of all his interlocutors.

2.4.1. If the user does not respond to the first message of the interlocutor within a month, then the contact is deleted from both sender and recipient accounts.

2.5. We may keep all of the user’s data on our servers after it has been deleted, for one year. The user can request for deleting that data earlier by contacting our support.

2.6. We may check any data posted by the user, including personal messages, in case there is a certain reason for it, for example, spam suspect.

2.7. The user gives us unlimited non-exclusive copyright and unlimited related rights to all the data he or she published under their account.

2.8. Copying publicly available information from the service is allowed if an active hyperlink to the source is given.

More information about data protection is available in Privacy policy.

3. Commitments

3.1. The user must keep the password of their account safe and immediately inform us about any discovered cases of account hacking.

3.2. The user must be over 18 years of age.

3.3. The user agrees:
  • Not to be rude and not to insult other users,
  • Not to post spam and commercial offers.
  • Not to post the information that offends the laws of Russia, as well as the laws of the country of user’s residence and the country of user’s citizenship.
  • Not to post false information.
  • Not to spam search results.
  • Not to post the ads that do not match the section of the service.
  • Not to publish phone numbers.
  • Not to publish sexual dating offers, as well as erotic photos.
  • Not to publish someone else's photos, as well as photos with textual inscriptions.

4. Responsibility

4.1. If necessary, we may mark the information posted by the user as suspicious or potentially harmful. The user may contest this decision by contacting out support team.

4.2. If these Terms are violated by the user, we may delete the information posted by the user, including deleting the account, or restrict the user’s access to certain functionality of the service.

4.3. In case the laws of any country are violated by the user, this user bears responsibility according to the laws of that country.

5. Additional Statements

5.1. We are willing to solve any disagreements with the user through negotiations by means of our feedback form and email.

5.2. We keep improving our service, therefore, we reserve the right to change these terms by indicating the date of the last change on the document page.

© 2022 Mahnem
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